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Eco-friendly high quality products

The main values of our business have been reliability, high-quality operations, high-quality products and environmental well-being.

In 2016 the weighting of these values became even more visible when the DNV GL, one of the most important certification bodies granted the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certifications. Our certifications prove concretely that we are committed to improve the quality and environmental friendliness of our products and our operations as a whole.



The key elements of our quality are:

  • Technical qualityTechnical quality of our products and production processes are based on in-depth industry expertise, uncompromising attitude, modern production machines as well as the best raw materials and components.
  • Delivery reliability
    Delivery reliability of our products and systems are a class of its own. Our delivery reliability is based on our own design and production, as well as a fast nationwide logistics chain.
  • Strong cooperation
    Professional major logistic players are responsible of the nationwide supply chain of our products.
  • Product traceability
    Process and route of our products from raw material to finished product and all the way to its point of use is well documented. That is why we are able to respond precisely to questions concerning our products and their operation.


We pay attention to the environment:

  • The main task of our products is to ensure the well-being of the environment. They can be used to enhance water supply and waste water networks as well as to reduce the environmental load caused by human beings.
  • We use the raw material accurately and we have designed our production process to be highly energy-efficient.
  • We sort waste arising from the production conscientiously. Out production generate very little waste.
  • The lifecycle of our products is long, which in turn reduces the amount of waste.
  • We are developing our logistics process constantly, so that we can reduce our carbon footprint.